Dear Ken;

Very thought provoking...I certainly love the poetic flow of Paul in 1 Cor. 13, though in other writings of Paul it is clear that his love did have a measure...and often he wanted to castrate his enemies (or at least have the Lord do so!). Much of Calvin's meanness flows from Augustine's writings. Anyway, always good to have a "free" perspective...and Frankie Shaffer...read much of his stuff...out of wound we often speak our profoundest truth.


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Stan, Thanks for the comments, this one and all previous. You always make me think. By the way, I have always taken Paul's castration remark as his idea of a joke. But I guess that makes me a non-literalist. And I think you might get a kick out of what I plan to write about Schaeffer. He's got a whole lot of truth in the book but far too often he comes off as angrily judgmental.

I might've told you this before but anyway -- my beloved editor at the reader, when I sent her a draft of some stuff about the Dale Akiki trial that was among other issues, highly critical of the therapists and their handling of the kids, she sent it back and asked me to start over and informed me "Ken, you don't do angry."

Thanks again.

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